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My husband likes to spank me

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This position is great because I can see her titties sway with each thrust. Real interactive sex. The house rules are: Or do I seek the help of a clinical philologist for advice and what to do! He was in charge of nothing and could make no decisions on his own. My husband likes to spank me. A woman these days may also have to tell a man that there are times when her bottom needs more than one good smack. He then holds my legs back and spanks me with a wood paddle. Stories of sex in urdu. We had a moment not too long ago where I kind of got a little snarky with him about something and he took me by the arm, placed me over his knee, lowered my pants and gave me a few good smacks on my bottom.

I remember the entire experience in vivid detail. Of course, it can become a habit to nag. But some days we both want something a bit rougher, something passion-fueled instead of affection-fueled.

He switched me one time and that got me yelping a lot and even hop up and down. That is an awesome letter and I will be reading it to my husband tonight hopefully! You have to sit her down and find out what went wrong. We have a wonderful marriage and I trust him whole heartedly. Never mind that women are often numbered among the chief advocates of husbands being allowed to preserve domestic tranquility by putting their wives over the knee for a straightening out.

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It scared him and that was the first and last time. Used bbw panties. For instance, it hurts to go to the doctor and get a shot, but most people can bear it until it's over. He came into the bedroom, started emptying his pockets on the nightstand.

I am assuming you are a grown woman. More importantly, unless a woman has lost respect for a man, she secretly wants him to win in any contest of wills. My husband likes to spank me. February 26, at 2: As a child, I remember getting in trouble and being called to stand in front of him to accept my spankings. It's one thing to Spank a child with your hand only, but it's another to Spank your wife.

Sounds like he's turning it into some kind of psychological power play for himself. As a result, especially when large numbers of young women married right after high school in the late s, these girls sometimes moved from being spanked by their parents to being spanked by their husbands.

For the most part, while there were abuses, an officially permissive attitude towards spanking promoted social stability. Taboo 2 putlocker. He would never spank me, but the thought of him taking charge and putting me in my place is hot.

At the same time, society has a love-hate relationship with marriages like ours. Skip to main content.

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Hos mother asked why I was being punished and when John said I disrespected him and them didn't follow my punishment rules she placed me over her knee. I would LOVE to find a guy like that: Moving to a new area I pushed spanking to the back of my mind and fell in love with a wonderful man. But the 30 ish with his belt was rememberible.

I could tell that he was too and that his spanking fantasies had finally been fulfilled. We live a DD lifestyle. Now the argument is settled over his knee on my bare butt, anyway he wants to do it. My husband likes to spank me. Then, as I figured out he must be talking about a spanking, he made one more, terse statement. Our oldest is going to college next year. Massive cock story. The [man is in control of the woman] in all spheres. The only content we will consider removing is spam, slanderous attacks on other members, or extremely offensive content eg.

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